I graduated from Plymouth University in September 2011 with a 2:1 in Multimedia Production and Technology. I chose this degree because of my interest in finding innovative and creative methods to tackle existing problems and to ultimately fill voids in the vastly diverse market of today. Studying this degree has enabled me to decipher clients' desires with originality and innovation. This is demonstrated throughout my three-year period studying at university alongside the scope, and content of projects and campaigns I have run both as a sabbatical officer and at OMD.

Richard Garrat - Elected Deputy President - Two Terms

In my final year of study at Plymouth University, I ran in the full time Sabbatical election. These are the annual elections, which see five students who are leaving education, voted in by the entire student body in order to chose the direction and run the student union for the following academic year.

In 2012 I was re-elected as the Deputy President of The University Of Plymouth Student Union for the academic year 2012/13 with a record amount of votes for our institution. Getting elected for a second term exhibits the student bodies' recognition of the progress UPSU has taken over the period with me at the head of the company, upholding and achieving my manifesto alongside also leading the organization in new ventures such as the innovative mobile student union project and the rewriting of our strategic plan.

The role of the Deputy President encompassed a range of duties:

• Acting as a Charity Trustee, accepting ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of UPSU, ensuring it is solvent, well-run and delivering charitable outcomes for the benefit of the students for which is has been set up.

• Creating and running campaigns that represent and encapsulate the 30,000 plus student body.

• Lobbying the University for funding to reach out and represent the unengaged student demographics.

• Ensuring the charity complies with charity law and with the requirements of the Charity Commission; in particular that it prepares reports on what it has achieved and statutory annual returns and accounts.

• Ensuring UPSU has a clear vision, mission and strategic direction and is focussed on achieving these through measured outcomes.

• Upholding my manifesto by personally launching and making a reality my innovative mobile student union project in September 2012 to engage our off campus students - Plymouth University Article.

• Attending the Board of Trustees meetings (normally four per year), scrutinising papers, leading discussions on key issues and providing advice and guidance.

• Adding value to the Students' Union through the use of specific knowledge and expertise to help the Board of Trustees reach sound decisions.