I graduated from Plymouth University in September 2011 with a 2:1 in Multimedia Production and Technology. I chose this degree because of my interest in finding innovative and creative methods to tackle existing problems and to ultimately fill voids in the vastly diverse market of today. Studying this degree has enabled me to decipher clients' desires with originality and innovation. This is demonstrated throughout my three-year period studying at university alongside the scope, and content of projects and campaigns I have run both as a sabbatical officer and at OMD.

Uni Promo

I was given the brief: 'Each group will present itself via a live website as an independent media company or digital arts agency/organisation. Whatever form it takes, each group must 'sell' its products or services by demonstrating its professionalism and excellence through superior web content and effective marketing, such that it will immediately attract and impress any potential client or visitor to the site. The information presented must be based as far as possible upon actuality, so that you are really demonstrating the combined skills of the members of your group.'

As a group we settled on the idea of basing our company around a market we had experience of. We also knew first hand that was a gap in this market. At Plymouth there were 125 sports clubs and societies. We knew we could start locally before expanding, aspiring to encompass the entire UK

Uni Promo is a one-stop shop for all clubs and societies. For organising tours, ski trips, merchandise, social events, tournaments, website creation etc.

I was in charge of both the pitch and the advertising of the company. The video shown below was the corner stone of our campaign, demonstrating that we create greatness by the careful fusion of many elements.

Uni Promo advert