I graduated from Plymouth University in September 2011 with a 2:1 in Multimedia Production and Technology. I chose this degree because of my interest in finding innovative and creative methods to tackle existing problems and to ultimately fill voids in the vastly diverse market of today. Studying this degree has enabled me to decipher clients' desires with originality and innovation. This is demonstrated throughout my three-year period studying at university alongside the scope, and content of projects and campaigns I have run both as a sabbatical officer and at OMD.

Ask The Sabbs

During my time as Deputy President I erected a blackboard in the Student Union coffee shop titled 'Ask the Sabbs'. The intension of the blackboard was to give students the opportunity to do just this and put forward any questions they wish to ask not only the sabbatical officers but the student union as a whole; enhancing the interaction between the union and the members, giving all of our student demographics the forum to ask questions they feel are too trivial to actively seek someone out or equally not knowing the appropriate channels to gain the information.

The blackboard was located in the Student Union coffee shop mainly due to it being an alcohol free zone, but also so while people are waiting in the queue it is the perfect opportunity for them to quickly put forward something that may have been bugging them. The coffee shop also paints the fairest picture of student diversity as far as UPSU involvement with it often entertaining various nationalities as well as groups of post grad and mature students. Demographics which we struggled to engage and this encouraged them to question us.