I graduated from Plymouth University in September 2011 with a 2:1 in Multimedia Production and Technology. I chose this degree because of my interest in finding innovative and creative methods to tackle existing problems and to ultimately fill voids in the vastly diverse market of today. Studying this degree has enabled me to decipher clients' desires with originality and innovation. This is demonstrated throughout my three-year period studying at university alongside the scope, and content of projects and campaigns I have run both as a sabbatical officer and at OMD.

Amsterdam Trip

In January 2012 I ran a 3-day break to Amsterdam as an additional venture to my full time job at the time.

Originally I marketed it among the UPSU bar staff with whom work in the student union. This was in order to get an idea of numbers as I had to pay a £200 bond, which guaranteed the company I was running the trip through a minimum of 40 seats. I was confident this was a viable goal after gauging interest and proceeded to take on the project. I used my position with the student union to offer the opportunity to as many students as possible, not only was this a personal venture of mine, but also offered the chance to visit a great destination at 'student affordable rate'. I marketed the trip in a number of ways, and while I used my knowledge and contacts within online social networks, I also did a lot of GOATing (going out and talking) alongside handing flyers out. This gave me the 30 seconds of face time I needed to assure people why this was such a great trip and opportunity for them.

During the selling of places, I twice had to ring the company and ask for them to give us a bigger coach as we had greater demand for places than seats.

The trip was attended by 72 people and was a huge success. Since I have left UPSU my model has been retained and trips such as this are now run annually.