I graduated from Plymouth University in September 2011 with a 2:1 in Multimedia Production and Technology. I chose this degree because of my interest in finding innovative and creative methods to tackle existing problems and to ultimately fill voids in the vastly diverse market of today. Studying this degree has enabled me to decipher clients' desires with originality and innovation. This is demonstrated throughout my three-year period studying at university alongside the scope, and content of projects and campaigns I have run both as a sabbatical officer and at OMD.

Flash Game - Arrow Of Light

For my final year module (game design) we were given the following brief 'Create an interactive, in-browser prototype game in groups of 2-3. In developing your game you should take into account the following points: narrative, character/object behaviours, types of gameplay, adaptation / distortion of existing game mechanics. The games must be limited to the following dimensions: 160px X 600px (in any configuration). The games must explore one of the following themes: - Versus - Time - Space - Opposites. There will be three weeks in which to plan, research, develop and present your game. Efficiency is key, as is being realistic about what can be achieved in the timeframe. A well thought out and unique prototype will be valued far more highly than an overambitious and poorly delivered project.'

We came up with the idea of having a simple platform game involving a scout that has been separated from the rest of his troop. The game depicts a story revolving the scout. He went off to look for firewood and on his return found his way had been blocked by a rising river due to heavy rainfall. He realises he must find another route to get back to the other and sets off along the river bank looking for a bridge to cross.

We chose to represent time as the main concept this game. The scout has a torch that only has a limited battery life; this can be extended when battery icons are picked up through the game. Once the battery runs out the torchlight that is lighting up his path fades and the game is over. It puts an innovative spin on how life is represented in traditional games.

The torch will only light up a small part of the screen, however due to the stormy weather. Lighting will strike ever so often lighting the whole screen up for a second or so allowing the users to briefly see the whole level.

The link below takes you to the finished game, which is held on Kongregate.

Arrow of Light

We presented the game to the client in a pitch, which we staged around a scout camp. This was complemented by an advert we had produced:

Arrow of Light Advert